June 20th, 11pm and June 21st at 11am, 2015, Kez’s studio

Our third concert of the 2015 series, the Solstice concert.

April 12, 2015, 11 am, Kez’s Studio
Our second concert of the 2015 series

  • Cinco Piezas by Máximo Diego Pujol
  • Black Cat Tango by Mark Viggiani
  • Milonga al Sur by Astor Piazzolla
  • Tres Cenas Brasileiras by Sergio Assad
  • Beatles Medley arr. Brouwer

17 February 2015 Last night we read through a few kilograms of music and we think we have a nice selection for our next concert on April 12, it will be a programme of all Latin music!

Thanks to everyone who came to our last concert of Bach, Rameau, Johnson and Bacheler. It was a heavy concert, like a strong single malt, our next concert promises to be a light Sangria.

February 1st, 2015, 2:30pm, Kez’s Studio
Our first concert of the 2015 series

  • Mounsiers Almain by Daniel Bacheler
  • The Flatt Pavin and Galliard To The Flatt Pavin by John Johnson
  • Goldberg Variations: Aria, 1, 2, 11, 12, 21,
  • Suite no. 2 by Jean Phillipe Rameau

10 May 2014
Performed our arrangement of the Jean-Phillipe Rameau A minor suite at the New England Bach Festival.

24 April 2013
House concert and curry night.
20130424-111952 PM.jpg

14 April 2013
Opera in the Vines, Merilba Estate Winery

28 March 2023
House concert, Totally Plucked guitar quartet

24 March 2013
Playing at NERAM Harvest this Sunday from 4-5 as EphenStephen, then as WirryCow with Kerry Watson from 5-6.

19-23 March
Playing guitar and bass in the TAS production of Les Miserables

27 December 2012
Oscar Foong at Fine Music 102.5 FM will be playing our GuitArmidale CD today just after 4 pm. You can listen live at

10 September 2012
Postcards of Dreadlock by Marc Mellits, arrangement by Steve Thorneycroft

With Margaret Butcher (violin) and Eleanor Streatfeild (cello) at the recent Glass@75 concert.

9 September 2012

Ever thought recorder, violin, saxophone and guitar were a great sounding combination? Well, Alana Blackburn (recorders), Margaret Butcher (violin/viola), Woody Woodhouse (saxophones), Stephen Tafra (guitar) and Steve Thorneycroft (guitars) have put together a program in which you can hear this combination, in duos, trios and quartet.
We will play contemporary music in a wide variety of styles. Composers include Greg Fishman, Bill Frisell, Ryohei Hirose, Phillip Houghton, Marc Mellits and Benjamin Thorn.
Thursday 13th September, 7.30pm.
F03, Old Teachers’ College.
Entry by donation.

29 August 2012
A great little comic by our friend Graeme Compton.

A comic by Graeme Compton

And here it is again set to music by Steve. “Aliens made me do it”.

5 August 2012
20120805-071259 PM.jpg

25 July 2012
Had a great rehearsal last night. The attitude “let’s try this one with that one” soon filled the kitchen with all things plucked. Bit of a guitar hangover this morning though.

5th July 2012
Part of an EphenStephen cartoon series by Graeme Compton, stay tuned, pics and music on their way.

4th July 2012
Our old website is closed, but here are some gigs dating back to 2005, the ones we could remember at least.

Midwinter Melancholy Concert
Thursday, 21 June 2012 7:30
G31, Old Teachers’ College
Stephen Tafra & Steve Thorneycroft – guitars,
Steve Harris – poetry,
Robyn Bradley – piano, Margaret Butcher – viola.

Come and listen to some beautiful melancholy things to celebrate midwinter.

The Steves will be play Erik Satie’s ‘Gnossiennes’, Philip Glass’ ‘Opening’ and a J.S.Bach prelude; Steve Harris will read some poetry; and Robyn and Margaret will play Australian composer Robert Davidson’s ‘Lento’ and Arvo Pärt’s ‘Spiegel im Spiegel’.

Our duo is going solo for a bit!
Stephen Tafra will be playing the Weiss Concerto for Lute and Strings in D minor with the Brisbane Baroque Players. April 21st, 3pm, St Andrew’s Uniting Church, Cnr Creek and Ann Streets, Brisbane City.

Then Steve Thorneycroft will play the Concerto Antico by Richard Harvey with the Armidale Symphony Orchestra. Sunday 29 April 2012 3 pm Lazenby Hall, UNE

On Friday 4 May Mr. Thorneycroft will be at the Uniting Church 10pm for ‘Minimalist Meditations’. Meditative music inspired by Bach. Includes new works by Steve Thorneycroft and Benjamin Thorn. $15/10(concession)

On Sunday 6 May at the Ursuline Chapel, 12 noon, a concert of Cello and Lute. Louise King and Steve Thorneycroft will play cello suite 5 and lute suite 3. $20/15(concession)
Both these last two events are part of the New England Bach Festival.

• Playing at the Armidale Composers’ Concert this Saturday 31st March 2012, 3pm, Old Teachers’ College Auditorium. Entry by donation.

• We’re giving a concert of guitar and piano music, performed on period instruments, with our friend Keith Power. Music by Diabelli and Field. Feb 5th 2012, 4pm. There is no entry charge but seating is limited, RSVP details are on the poster.

• New England Regional Art Museum’s cafe (Kentucky Street Armidale 02 6771 2907) October 14 2011, starting at 5. Guitar duo stuff from Bach to Beatles and celtic and gypsy swing for guitar and accordion.

• Feeling happy? Cheerful? Enthusiastic? We can fix that. Wallow in your sorrow and join us for an evening of melancholic English words and music on the Winter Solstice, June 22nd, 2011 at 8pm in the Old Teachers’ College, room G31. Features Eleanor Streatfeild (cello) and Stephens Harris, Tafra and Thorneycroft (words, guitars) with music by Britten, Dowland and Holborne and words by MacNeice, Hardy and Dickinson.

• UnevenSteven, Coffs Harbour 14th May 2011. A concert of solos, duos and trios by Stephen O’Hern and EphenStephen. Details TBA.

Springwood Civic Centre, 8pm 7th May 2011. Goldberg Variations then after the interval there will be musicby Queen, Copland, Khachaturian, Ryan and the Beatles.

• Macquarie University Sydney 5pm 6th May 2011. Macquarie University Art Gallery North Ryde, Sydney 2109. Entry by donation ($12 and $8 concession). Music by Queen, Copland, Khachaturian, Ryan, Glass Bach and the Beatles.

• Bach’s Goldberg Variations,Wednesday 13th April at 7pm, Old Teachers’ College.

• Subliminimal. Music by Steve Reich, Philip Glass, Marc Mellits and Gary Ryan this Saturday 26th March, Old Teachers’ College, room G31, 8:30 -9:30 p.m. Entry is free. Be prepared for meditation, aural screensavers, rock references and sci-fi quotes.

• Sunday January 30th 2:30 pm – Benjamin Thorn’s 50th. Old Teachers’ College Armidale

• Saturday February 5th 8:30pm – Bez Imena and Kez Watson and friends (Celtic, Balkan, Klezma, MIddle Eastern). Armidale Club.

• UnevenStephen with Stephen O’Hern, Armidale Club. 26 June 2010.

• Music For A Market Sunday – 30 May 2010

• Bach Jazz Jam, part of the New Engalnd Bach Festival – 30 April 2010

• UnephenStephen with Stephen O’Hern, Lazenby Hall UNE 24 April 2010

• With Kez Watson and friends, Imeprial Hotel Armidale. 17 March 2010

• Halloween concert at NECOM. Koshkin, Houghton, Katchaturian …

• A selection of Bach Chorales peformed on two lutes and then standard and baritone guitars. NERAM. 26 Sep 09. 12:30pm.

• Armidale Spring Music Festival 18 September 09 at New England Regional Art Museum. 7pm.

• Civic, Gunnedah. Goldberg Variations.

• Music For A Market Sunday – 22 February 09

• Concert, Narrabri. 12 December 08

• Coffs Harbour Music Festival – 1st November 08

• Goldberg Variations. Conservatorium Chapel ,Tamworth, October 19, 4 pm.

• Acoustically Challenged, An evening of guitar music. Armidale Club, 8:30 pm, 29 August

• Music On A Market Sunday. Uniting Church Armidale 12:30 pm, 30 August.

Armidale Symphony Orchestra with Steve Thorneycroft and Steve Tafra (guitars), Murray Winton (percusion), Graham Howard (conductor). Grainger – Irish Tune from County Derry, Mendelssohn – Symphony No. 5, Steve Thorneycroft – Spin Cycle, Vaughan Williams – English Folk Song Suite. Lazenby Hall UNE, $20 (adult), $15 (conc), $5 (stud.) at the door.

• Narrabri Keyplay Festival 20th – 22nd June 08

• Goldberg Variations CD launch. 15th June 08, 5 pm. Old Teachers’ College.

Armidale Club 31st May 08

• Goldberg Variations – New England Bach Festival – 11th May 08

• Goldberg Lecture – New England Bach Festival – 10th May 08

• HSC performance weekend, Armidale – 14th March

• December 16th 2007 6 pm – Concert for Jess. Ursuline Chapel, Barney Street. Vocal Chords and friends, EphenStephen. Followed by light refreshments. Tickets $10 from, NECOM, or email or at the door. ALL PROCEEDS TO ASSIST JESS AND EMILY STOCKER

• December 7th 2007, 7pm – Subminimal Messages, a celebration of new music from local composers. Music by Maddox, Thorn, Ghandar, Thorneycroft and Plankenhorn. Old Teachers’ College.$15/$10/$5.

• November 4th 2007, 7 pm – Comboyne performance of Goldbergs

• October 28th, 2007 – Old Teachers’ College, Armidale.

• July 15th, 2007 – Coffs Harbour performance of Goldbergs

• June 23rd, 2007 – Narrabri performance of Goldbergs

• June 24th, 2007 – Narrabri student workshop

•December 3rd 2006 – NEMTA concert

• December 2nd , 2006 – Steve Reich 70th birthday concert.
Plucking Music (by Stephen Tafra) – EpehenStephen
Clapping Music – Murray Winton and Joseph Tafra
Nagoya Guitars – EphenStephen
Electric Counterpoint – Stephen Tafra
Music For Pieces of Wood – Robyn Bradley, Sarah Christopher, Alastair Finco, Peter Maddox, Murray Winton
Jafrunk (by Steve Thorneycroft) – Sarah Christopher (dbass), Stephen Tafra (gtr) Steve Thorneycroft (gtrs) Murray Winton(mba, vib)

• November 19th 2006 – Vivaldi Double Mandolin concerto

• September 30th, 2006 – Musicological conference of Australia

• September 2, 2006 – Muswellbrook

• July 1 2006 – Support for Bruce Mathishke, Armidale club

• July 25th 2006 – NECOM guitar concert

• May 14, 2006 – New England Bach Festival

• April 29, 2006 – Tom Roberts Festival, Inverell

• March 19, 2006 – Erik Satie’s Vexations ‘to be played 840 times

• March 3, 2006 – HSC exemplary performers’ recital

• December 8, 2005 – Pluckers ‘Tingling Toungues’ Beardy Street Armidale

• November 19, 2005 – McCrossin’s Mill, Uralla

• November 18, 2005 – Radio Interview

• November 17, 2005 – Radio Interview

• November 10, 2005 – Pluckers ‘Tingling Toungues’ Beardy Street Armidale

• October 23, 2005 – ‘Blues Dinner’

• October 22, 2005 – Concert in Central Park, Armidale

• October 16, 2005 – GuitArmidale CD launch

• October 13, 2005 – Pluckers ‘Tingling Toungues’ Beardy Street Armidale

• October 8, 2005 – Peterson’s Winery

• September 25, 2005 – Timaru, New Zealand. Concert for Timaru Classical Guitar Society.

• September 24, 2005 – Christchurch, New Zealand. Concert for Christchurch Classical Guitar Society.

• September 23, 2005 – Masterton, New Zealand, ‘Spring Strings Festival’. 7:30 pm.

• September 23, 2005 – Masterton, New Zealand, ‘Spring Strings Festival’. 11 am – 1 pm. Masterclass.

• September 22, 2005 – Masterton, New Zealand, ‘Spring Strings Festival’. 7 pm. Ensemble workshop and festival opening.

• September 21, 2005 – The University of Waikato, Hamilton New Zealand. 1 pm.

• September 8, 2005 – Pluckers ‘Tingling Toungues’ Beardy Street Armidale.


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