We have, to date, recorded two CDs. Our first, GUITARmidale, was recorded in 2005 and features music by composers who live and work locally in our home town of Armidale, NSW. The second is our own arrangement of Bach’s ‘Goldberg’ Variations and was recorded in 2008. Both are available for purchase through iTunescdbabyAmazon and many other places, as well as directly from us.

Goldberg Variations
“Stephen Tafra and Steve Thorneycroft play these pieces with grace, dignity, and a depth of musicality. The performances are intimate in ways that might only be possible on guitar.”

Chip O’Brien, minor7th

Goldberg Variations CD liner notes:

There’s probably not a lot that can be added in terms of historical background and tales that surround these most famous of variations by a certain J.S.Bach. Tales and transcriptions of varying levels of height, quality and reliability abound, so what can a classical guitar duo from a small country town in Northern NSW possibly bring to the continuing history of this magnificent work?

The story of our own interpretation began in late 2005, when Ben Thorn, director of the New England Bach Festival, asked us if we’d like to perform at the upcoming festival. Of course our answer was yes, although we’d have to think about some possible repertoire suitable for transcription. After much listening and research, there seemed to be only one piece that kept reinforcing itself as a perfect choice and the more we listened to it, the more we heard guitar music…

After initial trials & discussion about the possible incorporation of many different types of guitars, we settled on keeping the transcription for 2 of the classical variety and decided that one of us should start transcribing from the beginning, the other from the end and that hopefully we’d meet somewhere around variation 15 and 16!! We managed it – but what a process! In keeping with the famous tale of the Goldbergs being played as a cure for insomnia, there have been countless late nights of transcribing, rehearsal and recording which would have driven us (and probably a few others) completely round the bend if it wasn’t for the fact that Bach wrote such indescribably beautiful music…

We feel that the guitar duo lends an intimacy to the work, while still referencing the immediacy of the harpsichord and the variety of tone colours enjoyed from the piano, while the blending of two guitars and two players (but one duo…) strengthens and highlights the inherent conversational character within the music.

So here it is… Bach’s towering masterpiece arranged for two classical guitars by the aforementioned guitar duo from a small country town in Northern NSW, Australia. We hope that you enjoy this document of our journey so far…

“wonderful flair and freshness…” Ann Ghandar, composer.
GUITARmidale CD liner notes:

It seems like quite a while since one Steve said to the other, “Why don’t we ask as many local composers who’d be up for it to write some music for us”? And so it happened, a little idea bringing together composers, players, instrument makers and the wider community. The idea evolved quickly from pieces for a concert, to more concerts and a CD, but one focus remained, that the whole project would be resourced locally. All the music written by local composers, the guitars made by local makers, funding provided by local businesses, individuals & other bodies, played and recorded by local musicians – there was only one name for the project that we could think of that encapsulated all these aspects into one word – GUITARmidale!

5 thoughts on “CDs

  1. Hi Steve and Stephen!

    I’ll be playing music from your CD GUITARmidale on Thursday 27th December just after 4pm. You can stream the show from our website. Keep up the writing and performing and we hope to hear you live in Sydney 2013. Thank you for a wonderful CD and best wishes for the new year!

    Oscar Foong
    Host of Drive, Fine Music 102.5 FM
    DAB+: Finemus


    1. That’s great Oscar, thanks.

      As EphenStephen we’ve been pretty quiet the last year or so, but other projects have kept us quite busy.

      Just a word of warning, the track numbers on the back of the CD cover are wrong, there are two track 5’s, please adjust.


      A Steven


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