Last night we read through a few kilograms of music and we think we have a nice selection for our next concert on April 12. Oddly for us, it will be a programme of all Latin music!

Thanks to everyone who came to our last concert of Bach, Rameau, Johnson and Bacheler. It was a heavy concert, like a strong single malt, our next concert promises to be a light Sangria.

Concert Series 1

This year, we’ve decided to do a 6 concert series, featuring not only repertoire that we’ve enjoyed playing over the years, but also as an opportunity to try out some new things.

We gave the first concert of the series yesterday, Feb 1st in Kez’s studio (thanks Kez!), and featured music by Bacheler, Johnson, Bach and Rameau. Had great fun. Programme below!

ES 2015 Concert 1