Over the years, EphenStephen have been very fortunate to have owned and performed with guitars made by Australian makers Eugene Philp, Jeff Kemp, Peter Biffin, Richard Howell, Jayson Elazzi, Paul SheridanGraham Caldersmith, Justin White, John Lucas and Andries de Jager. We also use 8 string instruments by Martin Woodhouse and Jose Ramirez, and period instruments by Justin White and John Lucas.

When not in classical guitar mode, Steve Thorneycroft can be found moonlighting with his Lowden steel strings & various electric guitars (including a 1964 Maton FyrByrd), while Stephen Tafra explores a variety of non-western instruments including the oud and gusle, and also indulges his secret passions for the banjo & piano accordion…

Pics of instruments to come as we update the site, but these might keep you going for now.

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