Concert Series 3

Over the past few years, we’ve enjoyed doing a themed concert with other local musicians on the Winter Solstice. This year thought it would be nice to include it in our series and perform it twice – one at 11pm and again the next morning at 11am for those who don’t like to be up too late…

We’re not quite sure what the theme ended up being, but all the pieces seemed to want to fall together as a programme as we were choosing them. Definitely music for the imagination… Any more specific suggestions of thematic content welcome below in the comments!

In S2’s wisdom, whisky was offered to the late night audience. And while this may have increased attendance, we’re still not sure if that was snoring we heard from the back row… Thanks to Tony from Black Dot Music for taking some footage (below) of the 11pm concert.

ES 2015 Concert 3

Houghton ‘Hope and Adoration’


Houghton ‘Three Duets’


Towner ‘As She Sleeps’