Other Projects & Links

Below you’ll find some useful links and info to other projects that one or other or both of us are involved in. Hey, it’s a small town!

Stephen Tafra’s website

Other bands/projects we play in


The Ash Hall Trio – jazz

Bez Imena – folk/world/balkan/eastern

Trì – Celtic/world

Other bands/projects we have previoysly play in

Wirrycow – Celtic trio

Târ-lin – Celtic duo

Caution Horses – improvised non-western jazz/fusion!

The Syncopaths – deconstructing your favourite tunes since 2014

The Mighty Twang – Surf’s up!

Creative friends

Graeme Compton – artist (he’s responsible for our cartoon alter egos!)

Heather Brodie – artist

Eastview Estate – local restaurant & award winning brewery/distillery/winery

The Welder’s Dog – local craft beer/whisky bar

Local links

Black Dot Music – local music shop

Musicians of Armidale

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