Wow. That’s the second pluck this week…

Hot on the tail of quartet rehearsal on Wednesday night, and despite the forecast snow, we had an EphenStephen rehearsal last night in preparation for our upcoming 4th concert in this year’s series. The concert will be in August & will feature music from the British Isles, including pieces by Lawes, Dowland, Renbourn, Glyn, Lennon/McCartney and Mercury… S1 was on the customary spruce/rosewood Howell & I thought that it’d be a nice outing for the 1968 Kohno. Along with the Lagavulin & Twinings (not Yorkshire, unfortunately!), we reckon that’s not bad company for an evening.

Anyone who can pick the composer & piece displayed on the iPads gets free entry to the concert. Comments below please!


If you’d like to be on the concert mailing list, just send us an email or message through Facebook and we’ll keep you posted about concert dates & upcoming events that we’re involved in.

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