Welcome to the new EphenStephen pages, very new in fact and currently being updated. Unlike our previous site, this one will be dynamic, we will be giving you audio, video and sheet music, sharing ideas and hopefully hearing from you as well. Feel free to connect with us on Facebook or Twitter.

For now, some basic info to get started. We are the classical guitar duo of Steve Thorneycroft and Stephen Tafra, hailing from Australia and the small town of Armidale in the New England region of NSW. We are committed to exploring both inventive and established repertoire and boast a diverse history of projects ranging from new music commissions to ground breaking transcriptions of classic works. Here is an example, the Aria from Bach’s Goldberg Variations.

We have two CDs available, GuitArmidale and our own arrangement of Bach’s Goldberg Variations. More info here.


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