Biffin lute for sale

Lute made by Peter Biffin

This lute was part of the collection of the late Vic Bofinger.

The owner was incredibly careful with his instruments and all are in pristine condition. The instrument’s sound is strong, clear and even, with bold use of the wood’s natural decorative qualities.

Large 10 Course Lute, Made 1988.

Immaculate condition. Shaped case in varnished wood. Particularly rich and powerful instrument

Soundboard – Cedar

Body – Figured Walnut, each rib two-toned.

Neck and pegbox – Figured Walnut

Pegs – Pearwood

Fingerboard – Walnut and Box

Vibrating string lengths – 8 courses 680mm, 2 courses 710mm.

Price – $5500

This lute is currently in Brisbane, inspections are welcome.

email enquiries or phone 0408 070 671

*Price is subject to additional shipping and insurance charges, if required.

Peter Biffin is one of Australia’s leading instrument makers, maintaining an international presence at the highest level for the last thirty years. The quality of his work has been recognised by Queen Elizabeth II (Silver Jubilee Medal), the Australian Government (Cultural Exchange Program, Dept Foreign Affairs), the Australia Council (Craft Board, several grants ; Music Board, research grant), and musicians across the globe.

Peter’s reputation has been built on creating instruments with the unusual combination of great subtlety in tone colour production with unprecedented power and projection. His skills in acoustics, combined with a fine eye for beauty in design have brought some of the worlds leading musicians to playing his instruments, including Hopkinson Smith (lute and vihuela), Xavier Diaz (baroque guitar  and vihuela) Eduardo Eguez (baroque guitar and vihuela) and many of today’s leading lute /baroque guitar players.